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Susan Ashmore, 51, made the move to East Kent when her daughter was at primary school.  Since filming, Susan has been promoted to the role of Principal Social Worker for Integrated Children’s Services working to the Assistant Director for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance.

“We were living in East Ham at that time,” explains Susan; “I was born and bred in east London but I studied at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and I knew it was a special place to live. When my daughter reached school age I decided to make the move back to Canterbury to raise my family.”

Susan found employment with Kent County Council and kickstarted her new life in east Kent. “ I started off as a main grade social worker – the great thing about Kent County Council is that it’s a large organisation, so there’s lots of scope to move around and develop your career. Progression is really easy as they encourage you to move around and learn new skills.”

Susan hasn’t regretted the move from London. “Canterbury is a really small city and I live walking distance from the centre, so it’s really easy to walk into town and just enjoy it. At the weekend I go to the gym, go cycling, or just meet a friend for lunch. Canterbury has all the benefits of a larger city, it’s got a great shopping centre with all the high street shops like Next, Zara and River Island, but also lots of lovely independent shops too so it’s got loads of character. It’s also a medieval city so it’s really pretty – cobbled streets and of course the cathedral which is lovely to just potter around. My daughter is older now but she’s had a great life here. We have lots of friends and a great social life. I think coming to Canterbury to live has given me a sense of community that you just don’t get in London. It’s like living in a village.”

“I think coming to Canterbury to live has given me a sense of community that you just don’t get in London”