Lucy Tyrrell moved to Kent from Northamptonshire to study for her BSc Hons in Paramedic Science at the University of Greenwich and got so hooked she never went back.

Her three-year placement at the “absolutely lovely” Medway campus and South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust led to job offers from SECAmb and an ambulance service closer to home, but when crunch time came she decided she couldn’t leave Kent or her adopted Trust.

“University was a great experience and my practice placement shifts played a huge role in making it so positive,” said Lucy. “The Trust and their staff were all really supportive and made me believe it was a place where I would like to stay and work.”

As a Newly Qualified Paramedic at SECAmb, Lucy responds to 999 and 111 calls in Kent in a double-crewed ambulance. The job requires emergency response driving, good interpersonal and communication skills, decisiveness and a sound knowledge of clinical protocols and emergency treatments.

Lucy wants to develop as a paramedic before moving onto anything else but acknowledges there are many opportunities for progression within the service.

“There are managerial and leadership training courses, operational roles in Control (within SECAmb’s two Emergency Operations Centres where 999 and 111 calls are received and assessed) and opportunities to specialise in urgent and clinical care in Paramedic Practitioner or Critical Care Paramedic roles.”

She adds, “There are not many other services in the country who have Critical Care Paramedics reserved for those category one emergencies where a patient needs a high level of roadside medical attention, outside of an air ambulance intervention.”

All things considered, Lucy agrees Kent is a good place for her to be at this point in her life.

“Most of my family still live in Northants and I miss them, but I do feel there is more on offer here. The proximity to London is very enticing, there’s lots of beaches within driving distances, you can get the Eurostar/go inter-railing practically from your doorstep and there are several airports nearby, which are easier to get to from Kent than Northants!

“Personal highlights are places like Rochester and Canterbury – great for a day out, with beautiful high streets, cathedrals and castles. Leeds Castle near Maidstone is also nice and there’s some lovely walks around the Sevenoaks area. We have an abundance of National Trust places, quaint cafes, beaches, caves – even Diggerland for kids! It’s pretty diverse.”

“The Trust and their staff were all really supportive and made me believe it was a place where I would like to stay and work.”