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999 Call Handler

  • Administrative
  • Maidstone
  • Apr 24, 2019

South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb)

999 Call Handler (Emergency Medical Advisor) – East

Band 3 £18,813 to £20,795 potential salary, plus unsocial hours (please refer to Agenda for Change section 2)
Recruitment & Retention premia of £1000 (terms and conditions apply)
Coxheath, (Kent)
Full time and part time hours available including evenings & weekends only
Training and mentoring is full time 37.5 hours for the duration of 10 weeks (please see details below)

What have you done today? Today, I saved a life!

When you ring 999 your call goes through to one of our two Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs). Our trained call handlers receive an average of 862,000 calls every year, our Emergency Medical Advisors (EMA) are the first point of contact to the ambulance service.

Your role

The role of an EMA is both demanding and challenging but ultimately very rewarding.Applicants must also have the ability to deal with stressful and sensitive situations whilst being highly motivated and enthusiastic.

EMAs are fully trained to supply lifesaving advice to members of the public in the most critical situations, whilst giving advice to patients that may require treatment options other than an ambulance response. We use a specialist computer system called NHS Pathways to determine the condition of the patient so we can send the most appropriate response, based on their clinical need.

Your background

We are looking for individuals that have the drive and passion to make a difference to people’s lives but are also able to work in a high pressured environment where you can sometimes take high volumes of calls which include a number of highly emotive calls.

Applicants should be able to work well within a team, have fast/accurate typing skills and a good standard of education. This role is suited to people who remain calm under pressure, good at problem solving and have excellent interpersonal skills, with an empathetic nature.

Training course details:

Week 1 – Observation shifts (variety of full time shifts)

Weeks 2 – 4 – Classroom training full time

Weeks 5 – 7 – Mentor shifts (variety of shifts)

Weeks 8- 10 – Diamond group on shifts (variety of shifts)

Location: Coxheath EOC, Kent

Next assessment days:

Saturday 11th May 2019; Saturday 8th June 2019

Next training courses:

3rd June 2019; 1st July 2019 (eve); 8th July 2019

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