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Staff Nurse

  • Nursing
  • Kent
  • Apr 20, 2021

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Job overview
This job would involve working as a staff nurse on a busy surgical ward which has changed specialities during the pandemic.

We expect the ward to move back to being Head and Neck surgical ward in the near future. We are a lovely, happy, team and do shift work, either long or short days and night duties.
Main duties of the job
Have responsibility for an allocated number of patients during a shift and prioritise their needs.

Give medicines, IVs, prepare for surgery and nurse post surgery care.

Support junior staff and mentor students.

We strive for high quality on Rotary and support each other at work and outside of work.

To maintain credibility and flexibility as a competent practitioner in an ever changing environment, while continuing to develop professionally in line with the demands of a responsive nursing service focussed on the needs of the patients.

We confirm that the details of the above post as presented are correct. This is a description of the duties of the post as it is at present.  This is not intended to be exhaustive. The job will be reviewed on a regular basis in order to ensure that the duties meet the requirements of the service and to make any necessary changes.

Please scroll down to access the full Job Description and Person Specification located in ‘supporting documents’.
For further details / informal visits contact:
Sarah Button
Job title
Acting ward manager
Email address
Telephone number
01233 616260

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